Full Version: Important News
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Please note our IPs are changing due to reasons beyond my control.
There will be some out time while the server is relocated to its new location.

And remember, connect to ts.jackdawgamers.co.uk (instead of the old IP address) to join our TeamSpeak server!
Speaking of wich, we have been lazy (or havent's really think of that before) but now that we have to suddendly change IPs, it's obviously wise to have DNS entries to our services, instead of IPs.
So, from now on you can use:
to connect to our services, instead of using the IP addresses.
By using those DNS entries, you can easily find us after the downtime/IP changes.
All changes are done. If you can see this, you're good to go.
If you know someone that can't find our site now, tell them to use
ipconfig /flushdns