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Introducing IW4x
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Introducing IW4x
New year, new game client!
Unlike most (if not all) of the game clients currently out there wich are based on a slightly modified (not for the better) fourDeltaOne's leaked source code, IW4x is a complete rewrite.
This new aproach means that some things are completely different from what we were used to so far. The first big difference is that IW4x doesn't rely on a central masterserver. This means that it can't be taken down like other projects have been over the last times. Seems that this was a client made for the community, not for the clicks and ads.
The rewrite also means that some popular bugs on other clients never even showed up on IW4x (hanging on black screen upon vid_restart, the game lagging when you press tab, etc).
Of course that not having the old known bugs doesn't mean that it won't have it's own bugs, but at least for now there's a development team working on fixing those, whenever they come up.
Server hosting was also re-made. Now dedicated servers can be setup either as "match" servers (the ones that we got used to since aIW times) or "party" servers (similar to game lobbies, but dedicated, and with proper configuration options). Another difference is that now Q and E keys are by default used for leaning.
And on top of that, new maps are being added.
Unlike every other game client wich only supports d3d9, IW4x uses d3d9ex by default, wich in theory means slightly better graphics (I can't find any difference with my old computer, but Wakey says it looks better to him).
Those using our support channel will get automatically patched with everything that you need to be launched into this game client (or maybe you have been already, since the update is live since last night).
If you want to find out more about this game client, or shall you need to manually install it, you can find everything here:
Our 3 servers are there waiting for you to have fun in them! Wink
Sun-01-Jan-2017 10:25 PM
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RE: Introducing IW4x
everyone hail to Paulo our savior, our hero, our true love!

I may not be the one in charge ... but i know what's going on
Tue-18-Apr-2017 04:30 PM
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