Full Version: Server maintenance
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During the next few days (starting right now) I'll be installing and moving our servers to a new OS.
During this process, there will be some downtime, on both our game servers and our TeamSpeak server.
I'll try to do this over night, so that the impact of the downtime remains minimal.
As promised, there will be something new for JD3 members, (even Wakey doesn't have a clue what it is) when all this is done Wink
MMMM let me think.
I know Paulo is gonna send us all an air ticket so we can all visit Portugal Big Grin Wink
What I can offer is a guaranteed place at my village's beach! Wink
well for starters how about fixing it so other non JD3 players can join our server??!!!
72 players tried to join while I was in there but not one could connect!!!!
I guess you're talking about MW3.
It's not about being JD3 players or not being JD3 players. It's about having windows time synced with an ntp server. In 4D1 times, people would go to the forums asking for help about it, and we would tell them to sync windows time. Nowadays people ask for support about it on the current forums, and seems that nobody knows how, or wants to help them. I even published a batch to automate the sync process, but everyone is too lazy to add it to the common fixes on those forums.
Ok, the server maintenance is done, and everything went smooth, as expected.
This OS that we are using now should be more stable in applications startup and network flow (no lag spikes, unless while someone is stablishing a remote connection).

On another note, the general section of jd3support is now open to everyone again.
MW2 got a little update, wich will allow us to keep using React's client (wich doesn't need masterservers to run). You will be able to find the server list on the "Favorites" source. The trick to make it work is for me to keep updating your favorites list through the updater. If anyone else wants to run a server using React's client, just give me the IP and port, and I'll add it to everyone's favorites list through an update.
Enjoy playing! Smile